Monday, 18 January 2016

East Coast Pan Seared Scallops

Scallop Recipes
The holidays have come and gone and for those that throw caution to the wind when it comes to food during the holidays, then I'm sure January is not only a month of hitting the gym but also a month of having lighter meals on the agenda and what meal can be lighter then fish and seafood and still give you that nutritional punch. Those that have been following my blog know that I have a soft spot for fish and love to enter my kitchen and mix and match ingredients just as my family loved to do in their preparation of food for the family. These scallops really hit the spot with their garlic butter glaze and laid out on a bed of spinach which will absorb the glaze flavour and becomes a great side to the dish. Large scallops are the best to use for this recipe accompanied by a large 12" skillet if possible, make sure that you spread the scallops out when cooking so they are not touching and depending on how many you are cooking you may need to cook them in batches. The garlic butter glaze should be prepared in its own large skillet or a small pot if you do not have many skillets on hand and don't forget the tongs to move around the scallops.

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East Coast Pan Seared Scallops Recipe
Prep Time: 10 minutes  Cook Time: 15 minutes  Servings: 2