Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Chicken Shredded Sriracha

Chicken Recipes

I enjoy chicken in many different ways but for those weeknights, where time is not your friend I turn to a quick family tradition of boiled chicken breast. This meal is so quick and so easy to make that it could just become a regular part of your dining experience when you want something healthy and quick. I like to use boneless and skinless chicken breast while seasoning it with a variety of sauces and spices, and what is more popular at the moment then sriracha sauce, it seems to be in everything so why not with your chicken. When boiling the chicken make sure that it is fully submerged in the water, it will be easy to shred with a fork or even your fingers if not to hot when done cooking. I decided to top a salad with the chicken but you can  also make a sandwich or something else that you want to conjure up. For those that prefer a milder taste, you can add more bbq sauce and less sriracha to the chicken as well as your favourite spices because no one knows your palate better then you.

Inspired by Family

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Chicken Shredded Sriracha Recipe
Servings: 4  Prep Time: 5 minutes  Cook Time: 20 minutes


6 skinless and boneless chicken breast halves
2 tbsp of sriracha sauce
1/2 cup of bbq sauce
2 tbsp of ketchup (optional)
1 tsp of sea salt
1 tsp of black pepper
Top with parmesan cheese (optional)

How to cook chicken
Preparing Chicken Shredded Sriracha
1- Bring pot 3/4 full of water to a boil.
2- Add chicken breast halves, make sure covered by water and boil for 20 minutes on low heat until no longer pink.
3- Mix sriracha sauce, bbq sauce and ketchup together.
4- Drain pot and shred chicken with fork or hands, should come apart easily.
5- Pour sriracha mix over chicken, add salt and pepper and mix well, serve with parmesan cheese if making salad.
6- Enjoy !!!

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